New in February

The Tulip Garden 

Phaidon : The Tulip Garden

German Architectural Annual 2024 

DOM: German Architectural Annual

Danner Preis


Designed for Life

Phaidon : Designed for Life 

The Great Divide 

Gestalten: Walking the Great Divide 

Tattoo You

Phaidon: Tattoo You

Rapper's Deluxe

Phaidon: Rapper's Deluxe

About Face

Phaidon: About Face

Competition Panels and Diagrams 2

DOM: Competition Panels and Diagrams 2


Arnoldsche: Simultanea

Seeing with another eye

Arnoldsche: Seeing with another eye

Hyundai Comission

Tate: Hyundai Comission

Sex Magic

Tate: Sex Magic

Yoko Ono

Tate: Yoko Ono

All  publishers' 2024 Spring catalogues ready now :  

  1. Arnoldsche  ( art, photography,design)
  2. Merrell Publishers ( art, design, gardening)
  3. Lars Muller  ( architecture)
  4. DOM  (architecture)
  5. Avedition (architecture) 
  6. Strandberg Publishing  ( art, design, architecture ) DK only